About us

This artistic project, which since September 2012 attempts to systematize the phenomenon of the theater looking through the creation of a regular scene of independent theaters. Thanks to cooperation with many bands and artists have produced 15 theatrical performances, which became part of the repertoire presented in the project. In an attempt to circle the widest possible picture of the theater phenomenon independent, consistently enriching program of guest performances from the country and from abroad. Apart from presenting the recognized formation we want to give a chance to the young artists, which is why in 2014, for the first time, we organized an open competition for residential "New Generation". In the same year, we put strong emphasis on the development of educational activities, implementing the first stage of the 3-year program - "I know what I'm saying", whose successive editions are named: “I know what I write" (2015) and "I know what I'm doing" (2016) . The program is open to high school youth. In addition, in cooperation with the publishing house WNS University. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, released in 2014, a book by Magdalena Grenda Fri. "Masters of the second plan. Poznań alternative theater after 1989 ". The following year, with the support of Theatre Institute. Z. Raszewski created "Report BUSINESS Poznan independent theaters" in the season 2014/2015. The report was prepared by a team of researchers and scholars gathered around the Department of Performance Studies at the Institute of Cultural Studies UAM under the guidance of prof. dr. Juliusz Tyszka. also this year we face another challenge publishing, and its effect will know in December.

This year we start from the long-awaited move into the building of the former cinema Olimpia. On the 4th floor we have 2 large rooms (205m2 and 150m2) with adjoining technical and administrative rooms. The entirety has the ideal conditions for work. We have a great motivation to converted our 4th floor into a real year-round resort residential. In the future there will be waiting adaptation works as well as those aimed at professional equipment halls, rooms, offices and technical rooms. Thanks to the commitment of the municipal government to a large extent, our plans can be realized. The rest remains in our hands. It's a huge undertaking would not be possible without the support of many institutions of Poznan. We also count on the participation of donors and the support of our fans.

In 2016. We planned 8 premieres, 4 within the residence, including one in an open competition "New Generation". Another 2 premiere will take place in the framework of an educational series, "I know what I'm doing" and will be attended Poznan high school students. Others realize our permanent resident Lech Raczak under the name Orbis Tertius. During the holiday season we intend to undertake a series of activities animating the nearest neighborhood and the adjacent square, there will also be cooperating with us for years the House of Dance. In this year we realize about 100 events and we hope that our offer will appeal to our regulars and will go to those who SCENA ROBOCZA had not yet met.
See you on the 4th floor!

SCENA ROBOCZA co-create:

Adam Ziajski- artistic director
Alicja Piotrowska- producer
Aleksandra Kołodziej- coordinator
Karolina Wajman- coordinator
Łukasz Kaźmierczak- technical manager